Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mules For Security

Mule for security especially Horse Herd in the time of foaling.

I just want to share some of my experience on Mule's and how they serve as the security guards in the Horse Herd.

They always stay on the wider line of a circle which forms the Horse Herd.

They never give up to Wolves , as you know Wolves hunt in pack's and also they never give up on any of the Predators which they want to hunt in a horse herd.

We always keep up to 3 Mules for guarding the horse herd only specially in the foaling season which has been started 30 days ago (Middle of April).

Mules are excellent for carrying things on their back going into the mountain area , the Horse is not capable of doing such thing as Mule dose , Mule can walk on a line in rocky mountain especially in situations which the packing on the mule back could hit the wall and on the other side is a open area which could fall down into the ground God knows how long in depth.

Mules have lots of positive things and they are really helpful to mammals and human.

A Mule trainer could train a Horse but a Horse trainer can not train a Mule , (what I mean is a Horse trainer has to learn many things about training a Mule so he/she could train a Mule . Mule training is much harder than Horse training), I hope I could explain properly for you guys forgive me if I didn't do my job well.

Sometimes we tie down some of the mares in long ropes so the herd will stay in one place and we watch over them day and night in this situation or in any other situation we never tie a Mule somehow they have the DUTY of watching over the herd (just like GUARD DOGS) we believe it's in their blood.

The Mule was very popular in British Army in 1st and 2nd world war and the Army used Mules in India and Asia.

Mules can stand extreme climates .
In the time of danger the Horse will choose to flight and run away but Mules will choose either to fight or flight depending on the individual responding.
A well trained Mule is very steady and calm thats why the army used them for carrying explosives and ammunition , they where less likely to panic or get spooky in the time of danger.
Mules are very intelligent and sensitive therefore is not positive to stable them for long periods of time , we must work with them most of the time .
We never stable the mule more than one day.
Mules just like horses could get Laminitis .

I have lost in a mountain at night and the mule saved my life , I simply grabbed the tail and the Mule find the way and brought me down , I just walked behind the Mule , there was no moon light in the sky.

When going in the wild a good and well trained Mule is your best friend.

Hi Dear :
One day I will write for you about Donkey's and Mule's but they are different with horses.
A mule trainer can train horses but a horse trainer can not train mule's and donkey's.
I don't mean can not I mean the trainer needs to learn other things as well and they are different with horses in training.


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