Friday, December 21, 2007

Horses Could Read Our Body Language From Distance

We could not hide anything from them and we could not fool them but they could fool us.

Horses can read our mind from a distance very easily.
If we are 10 people going towards a horse and only 4 out of 10 had an experience with horses the horse could tell from a distance.

If we have a shaky confidence towards horses it will have an immediate effect on horses.

Taking a single step toward a horse the horse could tell that you had experience with horses or not and if the answer is negative the horse would not have confidence on us.

In order to gain Confidence we must give Confidence.

Horses need Confidence More than we need Confidence because they have been FOOD all their life (Over 50 million years) just put our self in their position just imagine for a moment being food for the predator all your life how would we react ?
Actually human was food in the time of Dinosaur.
It is our duty to respect the horse which gives us a ride .
If we could really Respect them from the bottom of our heart we will gain Confidence.
If we could really Honor them we will gain Confidence.
If we could accept them as our Partner we will gain Confidence.
They need Affection , if we show them Affection we will gain Confidence.

We reach into the animals face and want to pet and touch their muzzle (nose). If I reach to someone's face and pet their nose it would be RUDE , THOUGHTLESS and DISRESPECTFUL. We do it to horses all the time . We think because they bring their head down to us to check us out that is OK to pet their nose or face . Or if he/she is sniffing us to investigate and get to know us that are they are all right with us touching their faces. How do we know we are invited or not , most of the time when we want to reach their head they move either sideways or up and down therefore we are not invited . We touch them for us not for them therefore we don't respect them. This is disrespectful to the horse.

Horses Focus on One Thing at a Time.
Horses are either Giving or Receiving Input , but not both at the same time.
I encourage humans to be more like a horse when they are with horses and have Requests rather than Demands.

A good leader doesn't need to DOMINATE.

First we have to listen then if we listen more we understand more and with horses we have to learn and understand more from them in order to gain their respect and confidence.

To improve our ability to listen with our eyes we have to practice listening with our ears because listening itself is a hard work and needs practicing.

The 2nd step is to watch and watch carefully.

Video recording is a great help to watch what our horse is saying and to go over and over and learn .
To learn we have to accept that our horse is telling us the truth , because sometimes they trick us for what they want us to do for them.
Practice working with your horse and learn how they communicate with you and with one and other and practice their movements and behavior that your horse displays.

We have to Earn their Respect in doing so we lower the risk of accident and less accident more confidence , more communication less accident , more understanding our horses less accident .


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