Thursday, December 27, 2007

What would make you suspect an eye problem?

Q -

Hi. I suspect the four year old I am looking after may have problems with his eyesight on one side. Could anyone tell me what symptoms or behaviors they would expect in horses with eyesight problems and what i should be looking for if this is the case.

Particularly when carrying out groundwork would there be anything glaring that might be noticed? All experience and advice appreciated.

A -
The EAR - Watch the EAR ABOVE the PROBLEM EYE.

If you concentrate on the Ears you will see there is no harmony between the two ears and you will see the eye which you think has a problem the ear above it will always in motion and turning so the Horse could collect information from the side which has sight problem.

For Example:
If a Horse eye (Left) has problem the Left Ear will always be in motion and it dose not rest like the Right Ear and also the left ear will lose it's harmony with the right ear.

I hope there is nothing wrong with your horse and I wish you and your horse the best and good health too.


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