Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Six Sence In Horses

How much do we know about the Six Sense of the Horse?
How strong is the Six Sense of the Horse?

The powers which we don't have.
For example:
How a Horse could tel an Earth Quake or Tsunami?
They have powers which we can not even dream of.
I wish those whom just put their legs into Stirrup and seat on the saddle and slashing the whip so aggressively on the greatest creature of all times could realize where they have the opportunity to seat and act at least as a human being so we could COPE with this highly sensitive problem of not understanding or misunderstanding.

How many of us understands the creature before putting the leg over this creature?
Before driving a car we read a lot to know what is a car , do we do the same at least to know what creature we are going to ride?

Did they (Horses) came to existence for us to ride them?
I don't know I may be wrong writing these , if so please tell me.

The Sixth Sense of the greatest creatures living fortunately on this planet, why I am saying fortunately because the man kind did not make them vanish and that is because men needed them our needs made us to somehow let them survive.

One of the main reasons that we use to keep horses in our homes next to where we sleep (bedrooms) is because of this powerful tool horses have and we don’t, they can tell an Earth Quake before we even could think about it.

We as humans can tell the earth quake the time of actually happening which means the earth is shaking.

Horses could tell Earth Quake up to minutes and this is very important for us to get ready, Horses even react , they start to Kick, If tied they will break the rope, running in their places if they are locked up they start to do something for freeing themselves as the Prison Break.

The science has given the “Sixth” sense rather somehow meaningless name of “Proprioception”.


Pro·pri·o·cep·tor [pr?pree ? sépt?r] (plural pro·pri·o·cep·tors) noun

nerve ending: a sensory nerve ending in muscles, tendons, and joints that provides a sense of the body’s position by responding to stimuli from within the body

[Early 20th century. Coined from Latin proprius “your own” + receptor .]

—pro·pri·o·cep·tion, noun

—pro·pri·o·cep·tive, adjective

Encarta® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1999 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

This subject is not finished yet, I hope to finish it if life gives me more days.


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