Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Dear all :

I need your help for adding to these.

1- Horse is a flight animal not a fight animal.
2- Hoses need to see everything from the both sides (from each eye).
3- Horses have emotions.
4- Praise is the real reward for horses.
5- For learning something there must be peace in horses mind.
6- Horses do not see food the way that predators do.
7- Horses communicate with their body language.
8- For teaching something to a horse just show them a few times they will learn quick.
9- The horse eye works like a binocular.
10- Horses are very delicate to touch.
11- Horse is a mimic animal but mostly from their own.
12- Horses see colour White , Red (mostly like brown) , Green , Yellow
13- Horses have excellent night vision and can learn at night time just like day time.
14- Horses have good sense of coming home (finding home at night and day).
15- Horses can feel (from the hoof to the brain) the holes in the ground when they are running they do this by the middle ear the same way that they could tell the earth quake.
16- Horses have great memories.
17- Horses have habits.
18- Horses are excellent in reading minds.
19- Horses are into pressure creatures.
20- Horses are very good for responding to Imprint Training at birth.

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