Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Hi to all:

We are responsible for our Horses and their Actions.

What do we call Violence?
What do we call Intelligence? (I don't mean the definition of the word)

4-Boxing and Stabling.
6-Horse Harnesses.
7-Our Body actions and our Body Language.
8-Even Riding.
9-The actions we take as Punishment.
10- .... You add to my list Please or take off from my list I didn't try to put all the things which I think are violence so please complete the list in either way thank you. .

And more if you please add , tell me where do we draw the line and say this is Violence towards this creature?

How and when do we use our intelligence to prevent something cruel , aggressiveness , punishment and violence?

What are the Positive and Negative results of these on the Horse.
Is the result of a violence action appears right away or dose it appear in the future or in a longer period of time?

Dose the effect of violence has many outcomes or just a simple one?

An act of violence destroys trust. Without trust, you cannot work as one with your horse.
I know One thing any kind and amount of violence destroys Trust.
Trust , establishing trust as we all say.
Trust wont match the punishment and violence and any other action which is the feeling of the Horse.
Trust with our partner (Horse).
There are other things but to my knowledge this is the most important one.

To be honest and frank I have to become a Horse to answer my post .
The definition must be given by a Horse not by our dictionary , don't you think so?

But I try my best to become a Horse as much as I can to answer to your posts next time I get on line , as I said in other thread you have to be in the mood for doing something especially things that has something to do with your mind and brain working , Don't you think so?
We have to know the feelings of the Horse to each single thing.


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