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What is Intelligent Horsemanship

This is a post I put on the IHDG and they are my own word,Ideas and has nothing to do with it's original IHDG website .
What is the Definition of IH (Intelligent Horsemanship) ?
Is Intelligent Horsemanship a Process ?
Is it possible to write a Dictionary for Intelligent Horsemanship ?
What is our responsibility as Horse Lovers (Human being) in Defining Intelligent Horsemanship ?
Dose the Horse has any role in Intelligent Horsemanship ? If yes what?

Some of the definitions of 'intelligent' in my dictionary are: 1. guided by reason; rational. 2. able to modify action in the light of ongoing events. 3. having knowledge and information.

Horsemanship : Skill in riding , training and dealing with Horses , anything to do with Horses even up to some degree medical.

Up to my knowledge in Intelligent Horsemanship lies great deal of knowledge behind it and we could write books about just these two words with these two words comes our knowledge and understanding how to react especially with the Unknown Horses , Horses that had a bad memory and experience with man (especially those men who act as predator) in their past and to know their unpleasant things that has happened to them and how to cure and solve those problems.
Understanding the problems is one thing and choosing the right way to solve those problems is another and I think choosing the right way for solving the problem needs a great deal of knowledge.
When we buy a Horse his/her History Book dose not come with them and you realize most Horse dealers they don't say the truth to you.

For Example:
We buy a Horse in the market now we want to just simply lead him/her by the rope and halter and normally we use a Whip to point direction or what ever and we do this with the other Horses which we have from the time they where young.
Our new Horse has a bad memory of Whips this is the time we need Intelligent to observe this problem and understand this new Horse is not like our other Horses and dealing with this new Horse has to be different with others therefore the first thing is to put away the whip and don't even let him/her to know that we have such a thing as a whip in our stable. In this case and thousands more this is our Intelligent which could help us doing such things.

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