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Overcome Fear Means Build Up Confidence

Always Help Your Horse To Overcome Fear This Means Horse/Rider CONFIDENCE.

I especially put the thread - Horses could read our Body Language from a distance , for you to read.
Can you start from scratch? but keeping in mind the thread I put up for you and the thread - Horse basic instinct , you have to start with those rules (always keep them in mind and deal with your horse with those in mind and action).

1- Is the horse teeth OK?
2- What kind of bridle and bit are you using?
3- How is the saddle pad?
4- How is the saddle?
5- In general there should be no physical problem , when was the last time vet saw the horse?
6- When you go up into the saddle how dose the horse keeps the tail , if the horse lowers the tail or puts the tail between his/her legs then there is something wrong with either A- Saddle. B- The saddle pad. C- Something wrong with the horse back or spine. All these must be in good condition.

With those rules you should let go of riding for the moment and start long lining your horse with the Outside Line Touching The Horse Hinds Just Above The HOCK'S , if you are doing this for the first time to your horse , the horse will NORMALLY BUCK'S this is a good sign don't take it as a negative sign and soon he/she get use to it this rope on the hind must just touch, no hard pressure on it , circling the horse in both direction's (the time of long lining is up to you just leave some energy for the horse so he/she could give you a ride lets say for 10 to 15 minutes) the long lining must be on Walk and Trot Only always ask for a step back (pressure when the horse puts a step back the pressure automatically will be released this is very important it actually REWARDS the horse when he/she puts a step back .

In your post you said that you have a western saddle with a good and thick saddle pad saddle up the horse and with a spare leather stirrup close the stirrups together under the horse belly so the lines could go inside each stirrup ( I use a BOSAL as a bridle I saw you have a DUALLY HALTER) attach the lines to either one and start long lining your horse but on Walk and Trot only.

Your stirrups in a Western saddle is longer than English saddle therefore after long lining for some time it would be easier to mount with longer Western stirrups , do not use mounting blocks or anything like that.
You should do the above in a Round Pen or a closed area.
You should make it hard for your horse when he/she wants to do something wrong and make it easy when he/she wants to do something right.
We always have to give our horses a work to do and they will understand if they are doing a job or they are just wondering around and this is very crucial.

Now I Put It Step By Step:

1- Long lining for one week starting once a day and in the middle 2 times a day ,1 session in the morning and 1 session in the afternoon or evening.
2- After one week of long lining only you start mounting your horse after each session of long lining for 10 to 15 minutes and gradually adding to your riding time but for the time being always long line first then ride.
3- When riding after long lining put a very light bridle on your horse if bitless then perfect but keep in mind we don't want to canter or fast running we are going on WALK and TROT only.
4- Walk some steps forward , stop and ask for a step to the back release of pressure (crucial).
5- Walk then circle to the right, stop and step to the back.(release of pressure,crucial)Rewarding.
6- Walk then circle to the left , stop and step to the back.(release of pressure,crucial)Rewarding.
7- Do figure 8 on trotting , stop and step to the back.(release of pressure and CRUCIAL BECAUSE OF REWARDING).

8- In a place which one side is a good fence and closed going from point A to point B one trot start from point A-------trotting------>seat back into the saddle with all your body weight and say Wooa----->B point STOP.
Starting from B------>trotting------->seat back into the saddle with all body weight and Wooa---->Stop. Seat on your back pocket jeans when you want to command STOP.

9- Always when your work is finished unfasten the girth this is a REWARD the release of pressure always is the best reward for your horse.

If you do this well and step by step you will build up your horse in everything you want your horse will have confidence on you and you will have confidence on your horse because you are doing something positive , you are not just riding , this is not just a simple ride for the fun of it you are building something important.

I hope I have not miss anything if there is any question I will be honored to answer.

Make your sessions short per day , short sessions are much effective and will have great quality than the longer ones.

Always finish on a good and positive ground EVEN DOING SOMETHING VERY SIMPLE.

Prepare the ground which you will long line the horse 3 to 5 inch cushion.

Some More Tips:

1-Always mount and dismount with mane and rein in hand.
2-Teach your horse to accept being mounted from both sides, (Not for now).
3-Teach your horse to accept being mounted from a block,fence or anywhere, (Not for now).
4-Only your toe in the stirrup when mounting and dismounting.
5-Never let your horse (make it uncomfortable) to walk off when mounting or dismounting, Make it very comfortable to stand still when mounting or dismounting.
6-Never allow your horse to walk off when mounted until you are ready and giving the signal to walk , you are in command not the horse.

7-Never kick your horse , tell him/her to go with your body language.
8-Never use the bit for balancing yourself in the saddle.
9-Horses learn a lot from the release of pressure , REWARDING , BUT TIMING IS VERY CRUCIAL.
10-If it is possible for you to make a dummy it will help , with the help of someone during the long lining session put the dummy on the saddle and tie it , this is a great help for you.

Horses Afraid Of RAIN AND WIND:

Generally the better your relationship and the deeper your bond of trust with a horse the better all things go.

A child who is raised by a fearful and insecure parent will pick up STUFF from the parent a horse will only rise to the level of the humans interacting with it.
I would highly suggest you do more on the ground with your horse to develop your own confidence with the horse and the horse's confidence with you , Forget riding for a little while and spend all of your time on the ground with your horse. This is where your bond is really formed anyway. Get used to being with your horse when it is raining and windy. Be with him/her
on the ground and get her/him settled during the rain/wind with you near him/her on the ground. Do fun things with him/her on the ground . Have a lot of good and successful action and interaction on the ground . Your horse and you will get closer . Your bond will really deepen. You will come to know your horse more and better if you focus with him/her with you on the ground first. Let the riding be the ice and you the glass , your relationship is important with your horse. You will be amazed at how great your relationship with your horse can become if you stop focusing on riding and focus on the horse itself but not riding (even if it is just for a little while).

You are doing:

Your confidence travels right through your body into your horse's , So building your own confidence and you'll build your horse's as well.


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