Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lack of Confidence Q & A

Q - I would love some advice from members of the Confidence Crew.
I have only had Roger since about June and looking back now can see that I made a big mistake.
As my grandmother used to say there is no point crying over spilt milk. The problem is that it is not milk that has been spilt but my confidence. Roger is greener and sharper than I thought and I have lost my nerve.
But I adore him, he is so handsome, sweet and trusting. I am just terrified to ride him. So he is the best dressed horse in the county. But having a holiday.
I am having lessons on a school horse which is buzzy but safe in an effort to build back up my confidence and convince myself that I can ride.
I cannot sell Roger, I cannot. What if something bad happened to him? He is safe when I am looking after him. My husband does not want me to work to keep a big pet though. It makes him cross and grumpy and then I feel inadequate.

A -
We all have accident in our life with Horses thats for sure all of us have fell off from our Horse not once but many times.
What we should know is each accident must give us more confidence , why? Because we are not the same person as before the accident now we have More EXPERIENCE we have more knowledge of what we are doing.
If we don't learn from each accident then we will loss our Confidence but if we learn from each accident then we will add to our experience this is what you should do ADD to your Experiences and gain more Confidence.

What do you have for Training your Horse do you have a Round Pen or Paddock?
Can you do some work on your Horse just for few lessons to Gain Your confidence and do some Training and Clinic with your Horse?
How well do you know about Grooming? Do you Groom your Horse yourself?
There is some Tips for Training and Tips for Spook Proofing your Horse if you are willing to put up some work this will affect you both the Rider and the Horse.
If you are willing let me know and these Tips are very simple dose not need a highly trained person to do them.

Sometimes the source of pain there is no more existing but if the pain was from the saddle then the saddle itself works as a Stimuli and brings the pain from the back of the head to REMINDER what do I mean is when in the past the pain was from the saddle now the Horse gives reaction to the saddle itself this is when we have to Desensitize the parts of the body to put away the past and renew the SADDLE PAIN MEMORIES we have to remove the saddle pain memories from the BRAIN, we have to replace the pain memory by something positive and reassure and make vow this wont happen so I beg you to forget and forgive me because your safety is my greatest responsibility.

If any Horse has BACK pain from anything and the pain is in the back lets say the spine , saddle or the saddle pad the Horse will tell you the moment pain reaches the brain , the Horse will speak to you with Body Language the sign for any back pain is LOWERING THE TAIL and BRINGING THE TAIL DOWN TO REACH BETWEEN THE HINDS , the moment pain is removed the TAIL goes back to its normal place.
Recognizing the saddle pain , back pain or any back related pain is to watch the reaction of the tail which is the Horse Body Language.
Any reaction from the tail which looks abnormal to you there is pain.

Thank you for your well reply, it shows you are serious about what you do and that is important for someone like me.
You and your Horse will gain your confidence back don't worry just needs time and patient don't rush for things so important. always take small steps and finish your work on positive note and ground build up "Trust" .
1-Establish trust.
2-Make good bond.
3-Groom your Horse as much as you can in short sessions take some steps back and show yourself to your Horse by this he/she knows you touched him/her and there is no fear from you no harm from you.
By doing these you will gain your horses confidence and your horse will gain your confidence.
Don't worry this needs quality time , I learn from your posts you don't have much time to spend with Roger is it so?

Always be careful especially when touching the Hinds,


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