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When a foal is born I have a rug ready for him/her that I have made long before the mare delivery time and I put it under the place which the foal comes out, I keep this rug until the last day this foal would accept saddle and finishes his/her training under saddle. Any time I want to work I use that rug , I let the foal smell that rug and that rug would be with him/her until the learning session is over, This makes the foal and the mare more secure and would help the foal to accept each learning session and would accept things with a greater , secure and trusted grounds, the amount of fear and stress would drop in a great value when the foal experience something new.
I hope breeders would try it and see for themselves how much this works and makes the foal accept its environment known , something from the first day of life and has never experience negative from this rug ,
Always let the foal smell the rug before starting the session and place it on the subject you want to introduce to her/him , they would accept everything freely without any resistance.

I am sorry if I take your precious time but I thought to share some of my experiences with you guys.

What a very compassionate and sensible way to go. I've never had any dealings with foals, never seen one born except on TV but I think its the same with human babies. My two sons both had "cosy covers" when they were babies and it gave them comfort, so much I thought one son would be about 16 before he out-grew it.
On the web-sit about light hands someone was doing something to a foals ears. What was he doing and why?

Wish you all the best,

Rubbing the ears could have two meanings one is to Desensitize the ears and this is very much important for the horse so human could handle their ears especially when you want to bridle a horse if the ears are not desensitized they wont let you to touch them or to move your hand and the touch of the bridle to their ears it would make them to go in a flight position , therefore is best to desensitize their ears for long time handling them .

The other reason is the touch , Horses have different spots on their body which would calm them down for example,
1- Inside the mouth lower gum rubbing the lower Gum and the lip from inside it clams the horse down and the sign of it is when the horse lowers his/her head down.
2- The upper part of the shoulders is another part.
3- The Mane is another important place to calm a horse.

Yes it is a great tool , so handy and TRUSTED TOOL for the New Borne to accomplish without fear and less anxiety while you introduce new things to them during their young age.


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