Tuesday, October 14, 2008


HI to you all,

- Tell me what you think about the topic please?
- How much the light hands of a woman effects our horses and their trainings?
- How much those light hands effects them while we are working with them specially when the most effective tool (The BIT) is in their mouth?
- Long time ago I put a thread up (in another forum) about Men and Women which could do best in training horses , but unfortunately did not get the right response to go on about the subject, I hope I do here.
- It will definitely benefit you , your horses , their trainings and their daily normal riding, as you all know I am a man myself.

Holding the REINS by light hands,
I will write for you some of what Dr Robert Miller explains on Light Hands in future posts I hope , all the work is done by the fingers and the reins does not go deep inside your hand and you make a fist with the reins in the palm of your hand, the reins should never go deep inside our hands.


I am sure the Demo you have seen Jann you would seen the reins are held with fingers and they don't go deep down in the palm of hand and that is important , the lightest touch you could ever give to reins which means the horses mouth , the horses GUM is by the tip of your fingers and also the tool in our hands (Reins) are the most important tool in the horses body.
If we train our horses properly we don't need them the reins I mean but unfortunately we don't everything is done by the weight of the rider as the weight shifts to sides , back and forward .
Horse could feel the touch of a mosquito on their total body.
Unfortunately some riders use reins as maintaining their own stability on the saddle or use it as a handle they don't feel how much pressure they are causing into the horses mouth, if you have a hard bit then it is another story for the poor horse.

Not only for the reins but for all things like Grooming for example , for even our Behavior around horses our own Body Movements , Like picking up our hands or when we want to put a bridle on a horses head, Saddling the horse , putting the rug on. The signals we give and we receive from the horse and specially understanding them in time and signal back in time or if our signals are to be with an action the timing is so important.
I think in all of these the most important one is Handling the reins , On the other hand all of the above is important .

This is where you would see the Light touch of a human:


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